Belle Nuntita (เบลล์ นันทิตา) on Sky Living HD Ladyboys Episode 1

Excellent documentary by British Sky Living HD looking at transgender (ladyboys) fighting equal rights, away from the common perception of ladyboys beyond the infamous go-go bars.
This edit looks at the newest ladyboy sensation, Belle Nuntita, who hit stardom after her sensational performance during her audition at Thailand’s Got Talent where she stunned the world singing with her 2 voices.

Sky Living HD presents a 6 part documentary series called “Ladyboys”. Episode 1 follows the life of 3 prominent transgender: rising starlet Belle Nuntita, beauty queen Nong Poy, and activist Nok. Move beyond the infamous go-go bars and get to understand appreciate kathoeys who work hard to deserve success if given equal rights and opportunities.
Watch the FULL EPISODE (43 min 32 sec) here:

Viv McGrath, Managing Director at Redback Productions: “With incredible access, we found amazing characters who opened up to us completely and honestly. I challenge anyone watching not to come away with any prejudice overturned and a greater insight into what it takes to be a transsexual woman”.

More information:


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