Thairath Online Interview (Translated)

‘Talents beyond gender… ‘ uncovering ‘Bell’ the woman in man from ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’

by Thairath Online, 26/03/2011 (translated by Tinny)

Thairath Online has a chance to talk to “Bell” transgender female artist from Thailand’s Got Talent. She is famous from her performance that was posted on YouTube, having a total view of more than 4 million.  A beautiful woman who would soon be a new superstar in Thailand.

As soon as the pretty lady walked on to the stage, all eyes were on her.

“I’m Bell Nuntrita (Khampriranon). Today, I will sing the song that I remix by myself” a sweet voice introduced herself to the judge while holding the microphone. The spotlight was on her and the backing track from “Calories Blah Blah” was turned on with applause from the audience.

“Dai chid pheng lom hai jai kae dai chai wa la rom gun kae puaen tao nun tae mun kern harm jai ..” (Bell’s singing in girl voice)

But here is the highlight, the second song “Unloveable” from Mild was on .. the sweet pretty voice suddenly turned to powerful guy voice – the audience including the judge were shocked.

(Shocking Reaction) because no one would have thought that a pretty woman like her is actually a “man”

But it doesn’t matter that she is a “man”, because her charm became talk of the town on the following day.. Her YouTube videos reached 4 million views such that the international reporters bring her “talent” to the world.

Thairath Online has a chance to talk to “Bell” transgender female artist from Thailand’s Got Talent… A beautiful woman that would soon be a new superstar in Thailand.

“I know that I am a woman since I am able to remember but I was just born in a man’s body” Bell told us her history with lively voice like a talkative person. At first, her family doesn’t accept her so they seriously beat her with a hope that she will stop being transgender. Bell has to hide her feelings all along.

“When I was a child, my dad and grandpa wanted me to be in the military.. They tried to force me to become a government official like them because I am the only son in the family (with 1 elder sister and 1 younger sister). After I graduated from Nakorn Ratchasima with 3.6GPA, I decided to move out of the house in order to follow my dream. Back then, I was only 20 year olds. My goal was to be able to work and support my family.”

Because the financial status of her family wasn’t stable.. she had to go to many singing competitions, even the transgender one to earn some money to support herself as well as her family.

“I have always dreamt about being a teacher when I was young. Even you can’t choose who you are, but you can choose what to do. I was given the talent for singing so I should practice singing to improve my ability and use this talent to enhance my career.”

“it is better than being sad because I can’t be a teacher” she repeated

Not only she has amazing voice, great appearance, and intermediate guitar skill, but she is also doing some creative work as her part-time job.

“I am a person with imagination, visions, and full of dreams. This basis help me in my career. Today, apart from being a freelance singer at Happy Land and Dokmai Café at Korat, I am also a DJ for 96.0 FM, and creating commercial jingles.”

For the person who inspired her to be at this point, she smiled and said “Mum Lakonik” one of Thailand famous singer. ( I believe Mum is also transgender and she can also sings in both voices like Bell)

Bell’s idol – Mum Lakonik


“I like Mum because of her singing talent and amiability, with that I want everyone to look at me at my talent not because I’m a transgender.. I would like people to look at me the way I look at Mum.”

Now, Bell already has a boyfriend but their relationship isn’t go quite well lately “since he is afraid that I might find someone better because I’m becoming famous and known by a lot of people…” For her perfect type of guy Bell said she likes cute and genial guy.. Appearance doesn’t really matter but he has to be friendly, amiable, easy-going, and not fussy!

“After my first tape was on air, my life has changed so much. Everyone knows me. I have fans from all over the world, U.S., England, Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and much more. This has changed my life. I have lots of fans now. Before that, no one knows that I went for an audition for AF ( kinda like American’s Idol of Thailand ), but because I am a transgender (sigh) so I didn’t have the opportunity to be on the show. I choose to be in Thailand’s Got Talents because this isn’t limited to any gender..  this show gives me opportunity and I won’t let this go without trying!”

When we asked her about the man in her dream, she said shyly that she like “Chakrit Yamnam” and “Ken Theeradej” (Picture are attached ^^)

Bell’s dream man – Chakrit Yamnam


Bell’s dream man – Ken Theeradej

“But if I have to choose one, I would pick Chakrit because he is very charming. I think love doesn’t have any border, nor limited to any gender.. I believe that the feeling in our hearts is much more important when it comes to loving someone because I think true love can happen to everyone regardless of his/her gender”

Lastly, no matter what happened on the show winning or not, Bell answered with confidence, “Even if I don’t win the contest, I will still be producing music. I want to have my own album because of my fans. Some of them use my song as their ring tone. I have lots of support from all the fans so I want to produce good songs for them. However If I win any of the prize, I will use that money to build a house for my parents because that is their dream. And I will definitely use the money to perform meritorious deeds (give to the poor people or to the temple) because that is what my family loves to do.”

“There are many people who have their dreams but they always let the opportunities go by because they think “it is not his/her day” but for me even without any opportunity, I will not stop trying to reach my dream. Eventually it is going to be my day and if I have an opportunity, I will take it and I will do my best .. I believe that if I do my best, I will be able to achieve my dream” Bell said with her sweet voice.

Extra: 10 things about Bell that no one knows

  1. (There are lots of Thai adjectives in here which I don’t know how to translate,, Sorry)..  but comfortable being with
  2. She likes to Mimic other  people personality just to be the joke of the group
  3. She loves music and loves to sing.
  4. She used to be in Venus Flytrap with Sony Music but the contract was ended before we can listen to her music.
  5. Height: 171cm Weight: 57kg
  6. 34-26-35 (breast-waist-hips) her body measurment that makes many people jealous – Oh my god, this part is so awkward for me to translate (I think it is in inches)
  7. She takes care of herself by not drinking, not smoking, eat fruits, eat vegetables and exercises.
  8. Even she works at night as a singer, but she doesn’t go to late night party.. That makes her looks so healthy.
  9. “Art” was her actual nickname
  10.  “Bell” actually comes from one of her friend (younger), who name is Bell.. Because their face looks so similar so she changed her nickname from “Art” to “Bell”

Translator’s note:

Hello to you all again,,

I translated Bell’s article that was published today in Thairath Newspaper. Before I posted it, I just want to say that “I hate translating stuff because it is so damn difficult!” so this is grammatically incorrect(I didn’t even bother to fix it) and there might be some part that isn’t exactly the same as the Thai Version (But I guess you wouldn’t know, since you can’t read thai). So here you go … Anyone that is more fluent in English and Thai is more than welcome to translate this again.. This is actually the first article that I have ever translated.  I’m not majoring in English or anything so some sentences may be not be right or don’t make any sense. Please point them out to me so I can edit them. This will make it easier for people who read after you :). Leave comments. ^^

Oh, and you have to thanks Bell for the translation because she told me to translate this for you guys. ^^





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  1. Liong Kok Wai Alex

    Well done Tinny ! Thank u so much for the translation It’s very useful cos me & many Belle’s fans don’t read or speak Thai
    Looking forward to more transcripts from u
    Regards, Alex Liong

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